Friday, August 26, 2005

Why Kiev is Male Heaven

Canadian Inna Gertsberg has been living in Kyiv for one year and working in advertising. For her one of the most memorable aspects of life in Ukraine has been the familiar sight of middle-aged expat men playing playboy lovers with girls half their age. If you could have seen these men in their own countries, she says, you'd be surprised too!

'It's Sunday night, and I've been invited to a friend's party. It's a see-and-be-seen scene, so I concede to wearing a mini-skirt, high-heel go-go boots and a sexy top. I do so knowing full well that even in my sexiest outfit it would be nearly impossible to stand out among the abundance of local beauties. As I walk up the steps of the nightclub two middle-aged western men stumble out of the door, their evening coming to an end, but their night just beginning. As they pass, one of them utters a drunken, 'Yeah baby! How about some fun tonight, dyevushka?'. It was a classic comment from someone who wouldn't dare dream of making such an approach back home. Later that night I found myself pondering Kyiv's most intriguing residents: mature Western men. Those middle-aged expats, some married, some married again, some recently single - all with one thing in common: they are utterly mad about Ukrainian women.

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