Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Now with 5 times more personal content!

I've been meaning to update my project introduction, but only now that Neeka's Backlog has linked to it did I find the bother. I didn't add anything scandalous, mind you (British upbringing and all) but I did begin to explain what personal connection I have to the world of online marriage brokers.

On another note, in the morning I'm off to San Francisco, where I hope to pick up my Ukrainian visa (after a trip to the Consulate earlier this month) and then apply for my Russian.

Wish me luck with the Russians tomorrow. I'm afraid I might meet Kafka at the information window. Consider this from the Consulate's website:

Processing Period Multiple Re-Entry Visa
Not less than Six Business Days* $100
Not less than Three Business Days* $300

Not less than six business days” means that it will take more than six business days to issue any type of visa (currently - two weeks, subject to change). “Not less than three business days” means that it will take more than three business days to issue any type of visa (currently - one week, subject to change), provided that your application is approved by the Consulate. The day when paperwork is submitted or received by mail does not count. We start to review your application after we receive complete set of required documents. Same day and next business day processing is possible only if current volume of work allows.

So it's $100 for not less than six business days, by which you mean I could expect to receive my visa in as many as seven days, nine counting the weekend, or perhaps as long as two and a half weeks, in which case I'll bloody well miss my flight? Subject to change of course? Yes, well, perhaps I'd better pay $300 and hope it's processed within six business days, though if you proved that quick, I'd have half a mind to ask for $200 back, wouldn't I?

God help me if a bureaucrat and Google intersect here before I find the safe return of my passport.