Friday, August 19, 2005

Updated Links

For those of you who have visited the marriage agency sites and looked at the profiles of the 1000s of Ukrainian girls aching for the likes of you, you might be under the impression that most girls from Kherson are non-smoking tea-totalers. Ahem………

I was browsing through a new marriage site that opened in Kherson the other day—not for me—for a friend (actually it was, but for pricing structures). The girl of the week was this 5’ 11 beauty who goes to the university, a girl I know enough to smile at and say hello to. Amidst the usual malarkey about her liking knitting, cooking, and keeping a cozy home, was the fact that she neither smokes nor drinks. As with all facts in Ukraine, there is some wiggle room, which might explain why, two days earlier, I smiled at and said hello to her at JH while she was drinking brandy (I refuse to call the local swill cognac) and chain-smoking ridiculously thin cigarettes. She also wasn’t wearing an apron, carrying knitting needles, or doing some Martha Stewart/ Deliah Smith thing with a glue gun.

This was excerpted (with the link added by me) from My Life in Kherson, one of the several Ukraine-blogs or news outlets that I added to the links section. If you know of any more good Ukraine blogs or sites, comment here. I'd like to know about it.