Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Brogden attempts suicide after "mail-order bride" slur

John Brogden, the John Ashcroft (and Murray Dunlap) look-a-like in the photo to the right, has apparently attempted suicide, this only 36 hours after the Australian politician quit his post as opposition party leader and apologized for saying Labour Premier Bob Carr could "ship his mail-order bride back to where she came from, for all I care." The slur against Carr's Malaysian wife (whom Carr married without the help of a marriage agency) was made after Brogden drank six beers at a Hotel Associates function in Sydney on July 29, according to published reports in the New Zealand Herald. Brogden also apparently sexually harassed three women at the Hotel Associates function, including two -- brace yourself -- reporters.

Brogden "slipped one arm around the small of my back, leant down and said, 'Are you available?'

To go on the record? Well, sad story really. We all make mistakes. His just happen to be on the front page. It's not like he started a war. I think an apology and a little bed rest would've worked just fine. All the same, Australia's Herald-Sun says Brodgen's fall was overdue.

Allegations have now emerged that Mr Brogden suggested two women have sex with him during a boozy Christmas party at his parliamentary office in 2003.

It is claimed the disgraced former opposition leader propositioned the young women on the couch of his parliamentary office.

It is also claimed he began by complimenting the women -- one a radio reporter and the other a television journalist -- and told them they were so attractive they should be kept in a nunnery.

Mr Brogden then allegedly went on to suggest the three should have sex together, but was instantly rebuffed.

"He jokingly made this suggestion about threesomes," one of the women claimed yesterday.

At a Christmas party in his office the previous year, Mr Brogden allegedly held a drinking competition with journalists to see who could drink the most liqueur cocktails known as "Quick F---s".

More analysis of this to come. For now I'll say, seems Brogden's biggest problem is his drinking, not his boorish behavior. To say nothing of his social circle. Don't they teach that in Poly Sci 101 anymore? Do not drink with journalists -- and certainly don't proposition them.