Sunday, October 08, 2006


Forgive the changes around here. My former template disappeared or something. Woke up one day and my site just didn't appear anymore. There's a technical explanation for it, but I can't say I understand, so I won't pass it on to you.

I'm considering a move to a different host, Moveable Type or what have you, but I don't quite understand how to design a page over there, and at least right now, I don't have the time to find out. That's why Snowy, a friend from Ukraine, is playing around with the designs available through the current host, Blogger.

I plan to keep some kind of web presence in the future, so stay tuned for an annoucement of some sort. But maybe this latest disruption goes to show that all things must pass, Everybody I Love You included.


Anonymous said...

Hi I love your new template.

I hope that now you have fixed your site and got a new look you will not be abandoning your blog on blogspot, there are many new chapters to be written.

I am hoping to hear more about you as a husband integrating your new life with a Russian bride into America and hopefully you will be able to interview others who have found a wife via the Internet Marriage agencies and publish more insights about their true life experiences.

The journey is not over it has only just began.

The Author said...

Well, you write without spelling errors, so you can't be Snowy. I appreciate the interest -- and you're right, a whole new story has just begun. Thanks for your interest. I am hoping to speak to more couples to see how their relationships have gone, and will be sure to put some of what I find here.