Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Walk in the Park

Took this picture Saturday while walking behind the Opera House to Schevchenko Park. Had meant to only take a photo of the closed night-club (an interesting take on an American legacy, not the Rock & Roll Club but the Roll & Rock Club), but then this man stepped into frame and all but lifted a leg on someone's spray-painted "Clapton is God!"

Otherwise, from Schevchenko Park to Gorky Park, all of Kharkov on Saturday seemed to be pushing a baby stroller or teaching a four-year-old hold to get up on those training wheels. Bikes and babies, babies and bikes -- that's all I saw, save for the nauseous ten minutes I spent in the Gondola that carries you (much further and much higher than I expected) from the 23rd of August Metro Stop to Gorky Park.

Before exposing my vertigo here, I was able to finally take in the huge, huge monument commemorating the Soviet Army's victory over the Germans in WWII (our history books prefer Nazis, here -- fascists).

Other than that, I spent the last two weeks writing like crazy, trying to finish a draft of my novel. I got everything but the ending done. Now for about two weeks, I'll take a step back. Visiting Volgograd soon, I hope. So perhaps pictures of it (formerly Stalingrad) in the next week or two.