Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wood Floors, A Walk-In Closet, High Ceilings ...

... maybe I'm not in Ukraine anymore, for like G. said when he asked to step inside, "I'd like to see how the New Russians live." Anyways, I promised some pictures of my flat, and though the excitement of the place has begun to wear off (the towel-warmer doesn't work, and the washing machine, like an epileptic during a fit, needs to be held in place during the spin cycle) I'll provide this glimpse nonetheless, with two photos here and another few in the Flickr sidebar.


Gotti said...

Glad to see you appear to be doing well, towel warmer hmmm- I thought you'd be queued up in a bread line.

Supreme Court now has an Italian member *egads*

rest easy


WittyName32 said...

I didn't quite expect bread lines, but I did fear the toilet paper, thinking I'd find only the type of brown, recycled paper that would make Julia Butterfly and the rest of the North Coast proud. Then too there was this panicked message I sent to my girlfriend a few days before arriving: Should I bring a coffee-grinder? I didn't think they'd sell any here, that I'd have to crush the beans I was bringing with the flat of a shovel, but it was all for naught; they sell grinders, and nice ones too. You just have to know where to look. One store we went into over the weekend sold all these pretty plates, and chrome potato peelers that cost $10, and little artistic figurines and candles and beer steins made of silver -- very nice things, and expensive. "But all pretty useless," Anastasia said as we left. "Yeah, that's probably why it reminded me so much of home," I told her.

The joys of capitalism.