Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Technical Difficulties (including Iraq)

It seems I bungled the Bloglet subscription service, but it should be working now. I'd forgotten to supply my website ID, apparently, and I gave the wrong user name. Something. Anyways, thanks to Ron for getting me to check into this, and if you subscribed ages ago and are only now seeing anything arrive in your mail box, this is why.

Spoke with a Ukrainian today, a man I've come to know pretty well in my short time here. Some days he's talkative, some days he's not. Today, he couldn't stop. But then our conversation turned to the war in Iraq, as it has once before, and so he went on and on about how Americans have no soul (a word that made my tutor smirk when I used it this summer -- dusha -- as if I'd never have a need for it) because their tanks blow up museums, they steal bread from the hands of children, and on and on, with a George Bush impersonation (slighty simian) thrown in to good effect. This conversation at home is one thing, but when you can only struggle to understand it's an entirely different thing. Needless to say, the passion is still there, but then again so is the war.