Friday, July 29, 2005

Fat Yuri and Yuri Gagarin

For much of the night, too much of the night, I've been reading the posts at Russian Women Discussion, a bulletin board for men interested in a MOB. As in, "Much of the newbies are stuck in a MOB fantasy," or: "Because of the MOB scene and the agencies it would seem on the surface that women are preparing to leave 'en masse' when actually it could be that it is all big business. If this is so then the money will keep pouring in and the women will be there whether they are real or Fat Yuri's."

MOB? MOB? Mothers Opposing Bush? Men On Benzedrine? Mail Order -- Mail Order Bride, yes. Took me forever too.

Anyways, you can find just about everything and everyone there: professors and laborers, the earnest, the desperate, the lonely, the lustful, the crazed, and even what seems to be the pure of heart. Take this one guy, Timmy K, a union carpenter who earns "$20 an hour with excellent bennies." He went to Kyiv in April when there was no work for him "back here in the middle of the USA," and on his first date arranged through a marriage agency he met Victoria, "a common worker like my self ... a survivor through tough times even by Ukraine standards. Is she interested in my wallet? Of course she is, she wants to see if I can support her and 1 or 2 future children. Did I write down my earnings and my monthly expenses and show her? Sure did and her mother and her step father and her brother and her cousin and some of their friends. Is she aware that in the winter months things can be a little tight for us guys in this business? She sure is, she has lived it herself and understands this perfectly well. Will I take care of her and buy her a car and help her improve her education and do I have a warm and cozy house for her? Yes I can and Yes I will."

Seven thousand dollars he's spent so far on travel expenses, marriage agency fees, translations services and lost work. Times have been tough too, he says, but through it all he's still sent Victoria "about $225 a month plus e- mail expenses and a very nice birthday present for her and a trip to the dentist for her and a electronic dictionary." They have plans to marry in September of October, and then finish the necessary paperwork that would allow her to enter the United States by the end of the year.

"The goal is for me to carry her through the front door of this house for Christmas. She also has 2 new female friends here who want to be friends for her ... Victoria is overwhelmed with this, she is so exited to know she has new friends here ... These two girls are also common workers here in America and this does not bother her, I even sent photos of these two girls on their own Harleys and Victoria is really excited about this. Yes these girls have their own Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is funny, when I was in Kiev, Victoria and I did a lot of walking around Idependence Square area, we would check out the little kiosk sales tents and stuff. We came across one that had Harley T shirts with the Harley logo written on the back in Ukraine and saying Kiev, Ukraine on them. A big hit here with my riding friends. Now she says Tim now I know why you got the t shirts for us. Well it looks like I'll have to sell my Triumph and get a Harley for us and now she wants her own too but that will be a year or so down the road."

But where is the struggle, you say? What good is a story without struggle?

"I am having some difficulty with the lady from the agency I used (to meet Victoria) ... I ... refused to meet about 10 women when I came to Kiev in April. I met Victoria first and we hit it off and that is that. We finally broke away from (the lady from the agency) about 15 days after I got back and started to use the services of another agency (for translation?) that my good friend from this forum referred me too, in her home town ... This guy is excellent and is helping Victoria and I with a lot of things like the passport thing, our wedding and apartments and even some work for Victoria and her mother and father if needed. Well this has made the lady in Kiev mad and also the fact that I refused to write a recommendation {testimonial] on behalf of her services which quite frankly if you ask me were very poor and like I said very questionable on a few occasions. Of course I am grateful to have met Victoria but she has been paid and Victoria and I are moving on with out her. We do not need some one in Kiev when Victoria is from Kharkov. Well this lady thinks I am mean and nasty and has tried to undermine Victoria and I when we were in Kiev, when we were in Kharkov and now after almost 2 months with out her she has suddenly appeared again raising havoc again. She called Victoria's mother and asked her mother to talk Victoria into breaking up with me, she wrote Victoria a letter saying she had work for Victoria in Kiev but she must do this for free because Victoria owed her for meeting me and then told Victoria to dump me because she could get a more hansome and wealthy man for her and that I was worthless and afew other things. Victoria wrote to me and told me this and Victoria told me not to reply and she loves me and wants this lady to leave us alone and that I am her future husband and no one else. All of this took place this last week. At the same time this lady wrote me a very nice letter saying how much she misses us and so on . I have not replied to this last incident to the lady in Kiev, I simply do not want to waste my time or energy on her any more. But I sure would like to write her a good letter telling her my views on this and it would not be nice."

But the man has faith, still our Ray Carver goes on.

I have a lady to think about now, the master bedroom is getting a face lift, some carpet is getting laid , a new floor for the kitchen and the rest of the kitchen cabinets and counter tops, a wall is comming down expanding the bath room,the garage I built is getting electricity for real instead of the dropcord I have leading out there for temporary lighting, my patio deck extension is going to be built a step down for a hot tub. I can get a free hot tub from my brother inlaw in Utah. It is used but we refinish it and put new pumps, a heater and plumbing in it. And a few more things. My home is an older one but very straight and study and it is very livable as it is and would probably be OK for Victoria. I am saving some things for her to make decisions on after all this will be her house and she wants to be part of some of the redecorating and such.

In another post, Timmy K explains how this search started:

It was about a year ago when I looked into this R/W (Russian Woman) thing. It was kind of by accident by telling you guys this you will know a little bit more about me but this is OK. I am an ex heavy drinker, 8 years no alcohol in September. So I socialize with other ex drinkers mostly. In this life style we develop very good friends real friends for life. So since I have a house I will rent a room or two to people who are trying to get their life back on track. Very cheap too. Any way there is this good female friend of mine {just a friend} who wanted to go back to school to get a degree to have a real carreer and make something good out of her life. She took on a full school schedule and more doing all of this on a fast track. She simply could not afford an apartment on the school grants and such. She is an ex paralegal and knows computers very well, I never knew how to even turn one on a year ago last March. So she taught me evry thing she knows, Well being single and not hitting the bar scene and clubs any more it was difficult to find a date let alone meet another female period. So I hit the personals and communicated with a few women all over the US and Canada. No real luck. Then one day this lady from Russia wrote to me from American Singles. WOW WHAT A KNOCK OUT SHE WAS. So needless to say I hit Russian Women on the search and was I amazed, look at all the good looking women looking for men in the west. It was elenasmodels and ofcourse she has a few thousand on her site. She also got about $700 out of me too. The persoonal listing, 100 e- mail addresses, the e- books and a few very expensive translations. I learned alot though, especially on the personal listing/ on line catalogue she has. I was on the internet and evry scammer in Russia knows this. But I was overwhelmed to say the least, every agency you could think of was sending me advertisements and hundreds of women were writing me. The first 2 weeks on the personal listing I got over 150 letters from women alone. Then I thought I found miss right actually 4 times I thought I found miss right but the last one was right before Christmas and I sent her $50 and then $100 for Christmas. Never heard from her again, bummer my heart was broke and my ego was punctured pretty good. So along come Bruno to my rescue ha ha ha and through him I met some more women through another site but as Bruno will tell you I am a liitle bit demanding on services and I made the lady mad at me on this site she said I was to hard to deal with. So along came this last agency where I met Victoria and the rest is history ... Will she stay with me? Big risk and I know it. But like I said a lot is in the heart and Victoria and I have a lot of heart for each other.

Updated August 4, 2005: After communicating with Timmy K through email, I can expect to see him in Kharkiv, where he plans to marry this October.