Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What Napoleon and Hitler Couldn't Gain

Victory in Moscow. It was ours yesterday, when the US Embassy accepted the I-130 I submitted on behalf of my wife. It wasn't as hard as anticipated; in fact, I think the anticipation -- and the expectation of the worst -- is the hardest part. But for me, no, not too difficult. They required the I-130, which is a petition for permanent resident status and a Green Card, and a biographical form both the petitioner (me) and the beneficiary (her).

The hardest part might have been finding the place. I went to the American Citizens services door, expecting to be served at window 4 or 5, between 2 and 4 p.m., as indicated online. But when I got there, I found only four windows, the last one darkened and closed. The lady working #3 directed me to another entrance, but when I left the building and tried to gain access there, the guarding working the door told me it was an exit, not an entrance. Through a third door, and a second security check -- phones off, electronic equipment checked in -- My Wife and I moved through an empty maze of seats and waiting areas, passed through a room crawling with adopted babies -- "What's your child's name?" "Anton." "Anton! How cute!" -- and then finally arrived at DHS, where one lonely woman was pecking at a keyboard, just waiting for someone to serve. It ended up that person was me (and an Orthodox priest looking to emmigrate).

So yes, Hitler, Napoleon -- you wanted what I have, success. Now, just more waiting, and a second interview for my wife. Then ... what every couple has: the freedom to choose.

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Don M said...

I wish you the best of luck
Don M.