Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More on Ukraine Bride

So yeah, the American Business Center in Odessa charged me four dollars for ten minutes of internet time. I'm gonna have to get some mileage out of this story. Let me see, here's what I found on the Russian Women Discussion bulletin board about Ukraine Bride, the "marriage agency" run out of the ABC:

When I was in Odessa in June 04 2004 I met Frank (the owner {of Ukraine Bride}) and he reminded me of a used car salesman. He pushes the american angle and wants the guys to date as many women as possible (if I remember correctly the meeting was $65.00 a pop).

I confess I actually went out with two ladies and during my conversation I found out that they had no intention of leaving the Ukraine. Both of them told me that Frank recruited them off the street by taking their photos and making a promise to them. Neither one would say what was promised, but I would say they were given a percentage of the dating fee.

I spent $130.00 on those 2 "dates" and don't have any regrets since I went to Odessa to celebrate my 35th birthday and to have a good time-of which both were accomplished with great success (There's still 12 hours of my 35th birthday I still have no recollection of).

Odessa is unlike any other place I have visited and there were a number of surreal moments there and there's a line from a Greatful Dead song that seemed perfect for that trip "One a long strange trip it's been".

Bottom line is I couldn't recommend Ukrainebrides if you were seriously looking for a soulmate.

Just another free opinion of a federal civil servant that is residing in the great state of Texas.

Another person writes:

I would advise you to stay away from this person and his agency. I did purchase contacts from a Mr. Frank [personal data deleted by Admin], and after several attempts to confirm that the girls information was correct, (it was not), he only sent me back one of the contact costs - this may seem small, but he charges for a translation fee (I don't have a problem w/that), but he even refused to refund the translation fees I had purchased (about $90). And he also is "brokering" or "representing" property for sale in Odessa - hhmmmm . . . carrying business practices like that over to real estate in EE usually ends with a dirt nap.

And one more, a little bit more philosophical:

I tried this agency 2 yrs ago when i was new to the whole thing, and yes there full of *snip*, $60 per meeting with girls who will date Quasimodo, for the comission they get from the agency for turning up. I would say if your on a stag weekend, and by the way thats all i see Odessa fit for these days, then yes take your mates down there and date a model, it will make a good screen saver for your pc.
If your looking for a wife then forget them.

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Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Ukrainebride.net. have visited them several times and I can say that Frank is honest--surprised he is able to help some of the guys (such as those that posted here).