Sunday, July 02, 2006

Nomination for worst Marriage Agency in Ukraine: Ukraine Bride

I'm preparing to make a post listing some of the people who have been especially forthcoming with me, while also mentioning those agencies that have refused to meet me. But because I didn't want this to get lost in all of that, I'm going to post this simple statement today:

Dear Lord, don't use the services of Ukraine Bride, based on the main drag in Odessa. I followed the billboards to their office, expecting to find a nice place to use the internet -- American Business Center! the sign said. A home away from home! But instead, I found myself in an office without any American nationals, and after I sat down to use the internet -- not thinking to ask the price -- I got up to learn it cost 20 Griven for the first fifteen minutes. I'd only used it for ten minutes. They rounded up to fifteen. 20 Griven, the young lady said. $4. For not even fifteen minutes.

Have I investigated this agency? No. Do I suspect it to be an agency that scams its customers? It certainly does take its customers for a ride on the internet. Up the street, just one block, you'll find another internet cafe. Six griven per hour.

Ukraine Bride, welcome to the internet.