Saturday, July 22, 2006

Palace of Weddings

In Russia, church weddings are still unofficial, done for ceremony more than anything else, so while they certainly are performed, it's usually on the Sunday after a Saturday marriage at the Palace of Marriages. More than research brought me there on Friday. I got married.

The picture here shows me and my bride after stepping into the hall where the ceremony is performed. The lady pictured at the desk (which my father thought stolen from the Star Trek set) asked almost immediately if we were entering our marriage freely. My Fiancee answered first by saying, "Da." I didn't exactly know the details of the question at this point, but fearing a stamped foot, I said "Da" after the same string of words were directed to me.

With this formality overcome, we went up to the desk, where I deposited our rings on a silver tray that had angel wings sprouting from it, and signed our names onto a form. We then returned front and center, followed over by the lady with the tray. My fiancee and I put on our rings, I lifted the veil, and we kissed -- still man and woman, now husband and wife.

What came next? A dance. Apparently, you have to dance in Russia's Palace of Weddings. I didn't know this. Hadn't been warned about anything, so I did something that was part Texas-two-step and part Vienna Waltz. My wife, somehow, followed along, and I love her all the more for it. A bow to the parents wrapped things up, and then, with the applause of those in attendance, we were walking out the door, soon to be replaced by another couple.


Veronica Khokhlova said...

Congratulations and my very warmest wishes to the two of you!!!

Kevin McMahan said...


Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife! (For some reason I forgot her name... Sorry.)

Now, good luck with getting all of your documents in order, as quickly and painlessly as possible...

Keep your spirits up, and I'm sure you'll work everything out.

I'll be sure to tell Natasha the good news.


Matt said...

Congrats, Stephan!

Alicia of Burbank said...

Wheee, happy day! Best wishes to both of you!


Mary Akers said...

Happy wedding Stephan and Nastia--and happy life!!

don said...

Best wishes, Enjoy!

Richard said...

Congratulations! Enjoy everything, your book is going to be marvelous.

snowy said...

Your comments descibing the offical cerimony were understated. It was certainly like somthing out of a 1960/70's sci-fi movie. It would place getting married in Los Vegas in the side line events.

No matter what it was certainly a memorable occasion.

I wish you and your wife all the best in the future and hope to remain in contact.