Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Next, please!

I did imagine the worst case scenario. This is what neurotics do, writers as well. I pictured the immigration interview taking place in a back room, across a desk, with a wilting fern in one corner and maybe a framed picture of George W. on the wall. I made sure my wife understood me. "If they ask you for your political views, vis a vis the situation in Iraq, for instance, I want to know, because I've already got the letter to my Congressman started."

But the interview took place at a window, the same window where I dropped off my forms back in July, and after three minutes, it was raise your right hand and do you swear and affirm -- blah, blah, blah -- and you can expect your visa in a week or two.

In other words, she passed the terrorist test, and we scored well in anti-fraud, and somewhere near the four-month mark of our marriage, we should start living with each other under the same roof.

There were seven others with her at the embassy Tuesday morning, including three men, one of whom was trying to get to the US of A on a fiance visa. The two other men were married, as were the two other young women alongside my wife. That left two older women, one of whom was trying to get to the US on an immigrant's visa, because she'd been denied already for a tourist's visa and she'd like to see her son, a Russian living in the US for 20 years.

We may like to recite the words on the Statue of Liberty -- Bring us your tired, your poor -- but we sure as hell don't live by them, and haven't for god knows how many years. I hope you don't buy into the fantasy. It's just wrong-headed.

What'd they ask my wife? Just what The Ranger, in the comments of the post below, said they would. How'd you meet, when you'd get married, and do you have any pictures? My wife didn't even get to finish telling the lady the charming story of how we had a mutual friend in Davis, one who'd put my wife up while she was there on a business internship and invited me to dinner when I'd called to return a book. "She said, okay, that's enough," my wife told me, and the interview quickly moved on to the pictures. "I have more," my wife quickly put in. But apparently our New Year's trip to Kiev was enough, because then it was on toRaise your right hand and Do you swear and affirm that all the information included in these documents is true and correct ...

Now let's just hope Old Lady #1 gets to visit her son.


Snowy said...

Thanks for the update.That is great news. I look forward to reading more about this real life reality show. When is is TV series going into beta evaluation?

I also think the old women should be granted a visa. It is much cheaper to get her to visit the USA then for the whole family to fly to Russia to visit her.

The whole visa restriction thing is the main problem associated with "marriages of convienance" change that one thing and the whole ball game changes.

I heard on Russia Today (Satellite news program)that Russia hope to have a visa agreement in place with Europe soon. Europe today and then the USA... Australia will be last no doubts (We have a hopeless Foreign Affairs Minister)

Great News all the best

PS Blogger have fixed the Comment screen. It now includes a spell checker as you go.. or is that Firefox...

snowy said...

No the online speeeelllling feature is firefox.

Kevin McMahan said...

Congragulations Stephen!
I hope everything else goes well.

Oh yeah, I watched "Red Dawn!" That movie rocked!!! Especially the part when the Wolverines tried to shoot down the Helicopters with their machine guns...

Richard said...

The long Cold War brainwashed us all into a negative outcomes attitude. So glad to hear things are looking up for you and the Mrs.

The Author said...

Thanks, Richard, Snowy, Kevin.

The Ranger said...

Good news, very good. We all for some reason seem to worry about the interview when it is a very simple event. Who, when and where. Have a good life. Cheers Patrick

Consul-At-Arms said...

Congratulations! I knew it was just a matter of time. Set some champaigne in the fridge so it'll be nicely chilled when she arrives.

The old woman will probably get her visa, assuming it's actually her son and he's employed/financially stable &tc. Being eligible for an immigrant visa (by being the parent of a US citizen, for instance) isn't automatically disqualifying for a Tourist visa, but it tends to raise a question in the mind of the interviewing officer, and any doubt is sufficient reason to deny the visa. For immigrant visas the presumption is much more in the favor of the applicant, so long as the basis for the petition is solid and the other possible obstacles are overcome.