Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Feature

Check out the videos in the side-bar. I've currently got it configured to show a documentary shot in Odessa. It's a very well-done film, and especially interesting because it gets the female perspective as well. Not a polemic, more a mirror. Highly recommended.

If you'd like to see more from this Russian-speaking English filmmaker, check out his page of videos on You Tube. There's an entertaining two-minute video of his drinking chisty spirit with two pickle-juice drinking fisherman.


The candy man said...

Interesting reclama video. But where is the rest of the series. And what date was it made?

I have a friend who works for a agency and they tell me that only a very few firs are actually serious at wanting to find a partner. Anastasia makes its money on the back of emails. If a girl signed up they are told that if they continue writing and the man visits they have an obligation to meet him. Most men never come to Ukraine and most women re not serious.

If you have no money or you live in a small town and have no idea or appreciation of Ukrainian/Russian culture then forget it. Most will trade up at the first chance they get. Easy come easy go.

Its not a sugar candy shop not a used car dealership.

Anonymous said...

If the girls use another agency that only goes through, like my wife did, then the chances are they are very serious. It's obviously to me candyman that you don't speak from experience. As for someone who has experienced it in real life, travled to the Ukraine several times, met many women (who are friends of my wife) who are very serious about finding a good husband, even married in the Ukraine, I can say that you have no real understanding of Ukrainian women or culture. Perhaps Russian women are like that, I don't know. But I can tell you that if you find a good woman from anywhere outside Moscow or Kiev then you are likely to find real happiness.

Red October

the candy man said...

Anonymous, I have been living in Ukraine now for over 6 years. I know many people who have been clients of Anastasia both girls and men and I can assure you that Anastasia (Also known as Another wanta to scam ya) does not have a good reputation.

Anastasia's main aim is to make money on the letter writing scam. Girls are obliged to reply to a letter and agents are often find if they break the guidelines which also includes providing email or telephone contacts via mail correspondence so you have to pay to talk.

Many of the letters are cut and paste and most are now written by the girl you think you are writing to bbuit oin reality they are just getting to you spend your credits.

Anonymous said...

I do not dissagree with you about That is how I met my wife too but as soon as we could we stopped using their service. Since you have been in the Ukraine now for 6 years it is clear that you do have a good understanding of the culture but I think that it may have warped your attitudes as well. While you have grown cynical, I have met many people back here in the states who have had nothing but good fortune with Ukrainian women. Perhaps you need some fresh air, or at least a decent hot dog.

Red October

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Canne's Film Nominations

:: Import Export

Two individual fates move in opposite directions in Ulrich Seidl's film. Olga, a nurse from the Ukraine, abandons her family to look for a better life in the West and ends up working as a cleaning woman in a geriatric ward in Austria. Whilst Paul, an unemployed security guard from Vienna, is looking for a reason to get up in the morning and heads East with his stepfather, ending up in the Ukraine. The film stars Maria Hofstatter, Georg Friedrich and Herbert Fritsch