Sunday, January 28, 2007


Swink's long-anticipated third issue is now out, and as expected it's filled with work from a host of great writers: Karl Iagnemma, Daniel Alarcon, and Ron Currie, to name just a few. You'll also find an essay of mine in there, one that details my experiences teaching English literature -- and being gently censored for including too many sexual stories on my reading list -- at a Ukrainian university.

To read a short excerpt of "A Literary Purge," go here.

For those looking for more, there's also Pete Jensen's Unhooking the Secret, about the author's experiences applying for work at a Victoria's Secret. A fun read.


Anonymous said...

A good and well written story. (I was a little disappointed that it was only an extract and I felt I was left waiting for the to be continued at the end only to know that I can not read the continuation of the story/serial.

never the less you painted a clear picture of the event described. I could see you captured in a moment of literary time. - beware your are entering the Twilight Zone a place were time stands still.

The Author said...